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- Reprinted in Society for Financial Studies Virtual Issue on Debt.

- American Marketing Association Blog.

- Chicago Booth Review Video & Article (on Economica & Journal of Marketing Research papers).

- Op-Ed on BNPL, Chicago Booth Review Article.

- Liberty Street Economics Blog, Updated Data.

COVID-19 Papers

- Chicago Booth Review Article & Twitter thread.

VoxEU/CEPR interview on these two COVID-19 papers:

- Chicago Booth Review Article.

- Chicago Booth Review Article.

Working Papers

- This paper combines two 2018 working papers: The Semblance of Success in Nudging Consumers to Pay Down Credit Card Debt and Weighing Anchor on Credit Card Debt.

Selected Works-in-Progress

- Twitter thread on CFPB announcement.

- I have received a NBER Consumer Finance Dissertation Fellowship, Stigler Center PhD Dissertation Award, Bradley Fellowship, and Fama-Miller Center for Research in Finance's John and Serena Liew Fellowship Funding for this research.

- Slides from AEA 2023 Panel.

- Slides, Chicago Booth Review Article.